My name is Wayne Tassell and I have been nominated as a Councillor in the upcoming Onkaparinga Council Elections for the ward of Southern Vales.


From 14th October 2022 everyone eligible to vote in these elections will receive a Postal Ballot in the mail.Wayne Tassell

It will then be necessary for you to fill in your Ballot and post it off so it’s received no later than 10th November. Please allow at least 3 days for postage.

I have lived in Adelaide most of my life in Seaview Downs with my parents throughout my teenage years then moving out a few times here & there living with friends around the metropolitan area until finally moving back in with my father becoming his live in carer until he passed away in 2016.

I continued to live there until I sold up with the intentions of building a new house for myself further south in Seaford Heights. It’s nearing completing and I’m about 2 months away from moving in.

I attended Seaview Downs Primary School & Dover High School until securing my first job at my Auntie Sandra’s local Café down at Glenelg.

I have always been interested in Electronics & Computing & I found myself working as a Computer Technician at a company who offered to train me on the job as an apprentice.
Computing is my passion in life & I have been working in the industry ever since & continue to enjoy this role as a way to be to provide for my local community.

I’ve decided to run for council in order to develop & maintain council services as efficient & cost effective as possible while addressing any & all concerns/issues that are affecting our wonderful people.

I would be most interested in providing more community gardens for the area as well as upgrading & repairing our degrading roads to an acceptable standard for everyone.
If you vote for me you will have someone in council who will always be open to listening to your concerns & ideas so we can continue to build a better, safer, more pleasant & wonderful place to live.

We are living through difficult times and we need to be sure the people who represent us, have our best interests at heart. Council Rates are too high and of great concern to the majority of Rate Payers in our area.

I have teamed up with 11 other candidates in this election who believe like I do. We are all ordinary rate payers who love their community and if we are all elected we will have every opportunity to see these changes happen.

Have a look at our Action Plan.


Yours sincerely
Wayne Tassell


Have a look at this video of all of us


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